About Dusty Young

Dusty Young - The World's Favourite Irish Comedian

​Dusty Young has done it all in show business. Singer, songwriter, musician and actor.  
Dusty was born in Dublin because he wanted to be near his mother. He is the youngest of 8 children, the neighbours didn't know if his father was a good catholic or a very sloppy protestant.

He wasn't born in a slum but as soon as his parents could afford it they moved into one.

His family were so poor that they had to buy all his clothes from the Army and Navy store in Dublin and he found it very embarrassing going to school dressed as a Japanese Admiral, with his mother dressed as one of the Household Cavalry.

Dusty is currently featured on the "Comedians" on Granada Plus on Sky TV and has had his own 30 minute special called "Stand and Deliver" on Sky One.

​His acting credits are appearing in Sherlock Holmes on Granada television and Afternoon Theatre on BBC Radio 4.

Dusty was a match day host at Old Trafford for Manchester United and also travels all over the world and other places working on cruise liners.

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